Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography

I’m a well travelled South African Wildlife Photographer, with an adventurous spirit. Having travelled to six of the seven continents, Africa remains something special to him, and will always be home.

If you’re looking forward to your next African Bush Holiday, why not enhance your experience, and be accompanied by a professional photographer? You’ll learn how best to use your camera’s settings, understand how settings and approach are adapted for various animal behaviours, how to use your flash, master your composition, and then finally, get to do an awesome editing job on your computer.

If it’s a personalised photography oriented wildlife and nature tour that you would prefer. With a focus on South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, we can help organise an agenda, and accompany you where necessary. Africa is an interesting part of the world, and is best experienced at your own pace, away from major tourist routes, with the knowledge that you’ll soak up the atmosphere of this unique opportunity.

I can also offer one-on-one tutoring sessions before you depart. This will help you with good purchases and equipment hire, to understand your camera’s settings, how to get optimum use from your equipment, and some good photo editing practises. This will ensure you are correctly equipped and technically ready before you depart on your adventure.

If you want that special bush wedding, in the heart of Africa, please find more wedding photography information here.

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